Massage Office to Share (Fremont)

Reposting this e-mail from my friend Ellesa. Please contact her directly if interested in this opportunity. I have received massage in this space and have visited it many times. It’s a very nice room in a very nice location.

Looking for someone to share a sizable office in Fremont.  The building is a turn of the century house with a coffee shop on the lower level and a bodywork clinic on the second level.  The days available are Mondays, Thursdays, Saturday & Sundays all day and morning-2:00 on Wed. and 2:30-through the evening on Fridays.  The rent is $250.00/month. There is an electric lift massage table in the office  to share plus full furnishings.  There is a storage area outside of the office as well.

Looking for someone who is comfortable doing regular cleaning of office and shared spaces, responsible and communicative.
Ellesa Hunter 206.300.8613

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