Make Massage a Priority

I had coffee this morning with a friend who is also a massage client. She was very appreciative of the massage she got last week and was kind enough to tell me why she likes my work.

She appreciates that, while I provide a serene and relaxing massage, I also educate her about her posture and anatomy in a way that helps her take care of herself between massage sessions. This pleases me to no end. From the day I first launched my practice, one of my priorities has been to help instill in my clients a sense of “body awareness.” To be honest, I had only a fuzzy idea about what I meant by this when I first started practicing. But now, after 12 years of practice, I am very confident about what body awareness is and how to help people develop it.

The highlight of our conversation was my friend enthusiastically proclaiming that we should all make massage a priority (and not regard it as an occasional treat). I wish I could hire her as my director of sales and marketing :)

But seriously, in a world where some doctors estimate that more than half of all disease is due to stress, shouldn’t we all make regular massage – the best stress reducer known to humankind – a priority?


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    I certainly agree with your post! As a massage therapist myself, I know the in and out of massage therapy and how it can be beneficial to one’s health. But we should not just stop in just being a provider. We should also act as an educator so the effectiveness of our treatments can be maximized.

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