Couples Massage Class Weather-Prediction Streak Appears to Be Intact

Seattle weather forecastIf today’s weather forecast holds, this will be about the 27th time in a row that the day on which I teach my couples massage class is unseasonably sunny and nice. I’m offering the class this Saturday, which you could have figured out just by glancing at this screen shot from my iPhone weather app.

(By the way, a slot just opened up in this Saturday’s class. If you’d like to attend, please e-mail me or call me at 206-624-6255.)

I haven’t taken the time yet to correlate historical weather data with my class dates, but I could swear that it is always insanely beautiful outdoors on the days that I am obligated to be indoors.

If this pattern holds I may just have to start a business around this. I can picture people who are planning picnics, outdoor weddings, and similar events paying a hefty licensing fee for my data on which dates are safe for their weather-dependent activities :)


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