DIY Standing Desk Using Plastic Bins to Elevate the Whole Desk

This super-simple standing desk set-up uses two plastic storage bins to elevate the whole desk. The objective was to quickly create an economical standing desk.

Some notes on this standing desk post:

  • before you start, determine the ideal height for your desk by measuring where your arms are when bent 90 degrees
  • use lengths of 1×4 or similar lumber to distribute the weight of the desk more evenly on the plastic bins
  • reverse the normal office work pattern by standing most of the time and taking occasional sitting breaks

My thoughts: This is a fantastic way to prototype your standing-desk set-up, but I’m not sure about its durability over the long haul. If you use a plastic bin like this, you definitely want to make sure there are no heat sources nearby.

Price: free, if you have the bins lying around; about $20 if you have to buy the bins


  1. says

    YES! Keep spreading the word about standing! Ever since I switched to a NextDesk at work (and am eagerly awaiting my standing desk for home, the new smaller Solo), I have been spreading the word to people about the benefits of standing. It really makes such a difference in the way you feel, the way you work, and your health overall. Like I said, I use a NextDesk at work, which is great because it is adjustable in height– so switching between sitting and standing all day is best for your metabolism. It has made a huge difference in my life overall, and clearly, I’m telling everyone about it!
    Happy standing.


    • Michelle says

      I’m hoping to chat with Nikki and anyone else who has made the switch from mostly sitting to mostly standing at work for an article I’m writing. Please get in touch through this site or via Larry. Thanks much!

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