Massage Testimonials

I was wondering why I hadn’t heard from this client in a while. Mystery solved.

“You are not forgotten! I want to update you. I am feeling great (yay!), have had no twinges in my neck/shoulder regions at all. I continue to do exercises at home and am conscious of my posture “most” of the time :)

“Your work truly makes a difference and I thank you! You got me to this point and I appreciate all the work, information and feedback. Believe me, I will call you/email if and when I have any lapse or need.”


“I originally began going to Larry for help with regaining the range of motion in my right leg which I had injured after a bicycle fall.

“Now that I have regained almost full range of motion in that leg, he continues to be instrumental in my being able to continue to work part-time by helping me with chronic pain management (chronic pain related to fibromyalgia and arthritis).

“I also deeply appreciate his unquestionable integrity, superlative massage therapy skills and expertise, and his sense of humor!!”


“Just got a massage from @LarrySwanson. The best!” 5/16/11.

“Best massage ever on Friday by @LarrySwanson, got me ready to pitch!” 4/23/11

David A. (via Twitter)

“. . . Larry has been able to offer me healing hands through a life time of soccer injuries, stress of work, research, school, travel and occasional self maintenance days. I have always felt comfortable, cared for and safe on his table. . . He listens! He takes his cue from you. You get to decide if you need quiet during the session or if you are up for comfortable conversation. Larry can accommodate either. He checks in with you, asks for feedback and is responsive in his methods of individualizing his care. He’s encourage me to be an active part in my own treatment by putting me to work with passive resistance stretches or offering me suggestions for moves I can do at home. He is open to ideas and interested to know what works for you. . . Thank you Larry, for being there for me!”

Cris P.

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“My Mom and I really enjoyed the [couples massage] class and would definitely be recommending it to friends!”

Bilyana Y.

“I’ve been a student, practitioner, and recipient of massage for 17 years, and I’m very particular in choosing my massage therapist. Larry is the best I’ve found. He’s very knowledgeable, grounded, and tuned into his client. He continues to learn new massage techniques that make him even more expert in his craft. Through my sessions with Larry I’ve come to trust in the healing power of massage.”

Barbara T.

“Thank you for an excellent couples massage workshop. Your presentation was excellent and we enjoyed the afternoon learning from you.”


“I went to Larry for the first time for treatment of an ankle sprain. He relieved most of the pain during the first session, and my ankle healed quickly. It’s been about 7 months since the sprain, and I haven’t had any recurring sprains or weakness in the ankle, despite being very active.

“Larry is professional, respectful, and attentive. I’ve never had a massage therapist listen to me more intently than he does. I can finally stop hunting around for a massage therapist I trust!”

Jessie H.

“Thank you so much for the couples massage class! It was a wonderful bonding experience. We left the class relaxed yet rejuvinated and enjoyed every moment! Your personal attention to each couple and specific instruction in particular instances was accurate and understandable. We look forward to taking future classes with you!”

Adrianne & Rob

“I appreciate that Larry works with me to find the right techniques and pressure to meet my needs while still making the massage a serene and relaxing experience. The benefits of his massages extend into my day-to-day wellness because Larry also helps me to understand what’s going on with my muscles and joints and to identify habits potentially causing aches and knots.”


“Larry has a great awareness of the body and really understands how to promote healing within it. Great massage therapist who I refer my training clients to regularly.”

Eric W.

“My wife and I really enjoyed Larry’s couples massage class. We spent a day in downtown Seattle doing the tourist thing, and then we went to the couples massage class. Larry is a great teacher, and we enjoyed learning from him. We both really enjoyed Larry’s low-key approach and his through knowledge of massage. We both highly recommend Larry’s couples massage Class.”

Dave & Rhonda

“Larry did an amazing job at making me feel comfortable and relaxed at each session. He helped me get back to a normal routine after my accident. Larry was my first and will be my last massage therapist!”

Kellie B.

“Larry really listened to what my concerns/needs were, and then used his knowledge to explain how he would proceed, given all the information. I felt as though he was invested in figuring out if treatment would be useful for my injury, and he explained what he was doing as he went. He was also open to my questions.”

Robin H.

“Very professional manner and attitude . . . Thorough, sensitive, very effective.”

Jeremy D.

“I went to Larry for a general ‘tune up’ massage and gave him special instructions, ‘Don’t bother with my right arm. It hurts like hell, so much so that I physically can’t reach over into my car’s back seat and pick up a book.’ In his quiet reassuring manner Larry said, ‘Let me have a look at that.’ I must confess to a degree of skepticism when he DIDN’T massage my arm but went to the scapula and worked in, under and around it. Amazingly, he CORRECTED it! When I left his studio I sat in my driver’s seat, threw my arm over the seat and, PAIN FREE, was actually was able to pick up a book in the back seat for the first time in many months.
“Larry brings the ability to intellectually engage me in his massage work. I so appreciate understanding what and why he is doing what he does.”

Griggs I.

“Larry is the most grounded massage therapist I have worked with; his hands are connecting rods to the universe.”

Monica C.

“Larry has an expert, relaxing touch.
I enjoy his massages very much!”

Simone L.

“Larry is the best massage therapist I have ever encountered. He was able to work out areas that I never thought possible. Larry is great with deep tissue and fascial massage. . .gentle yet firm touch and very tuned in with the person he is working on.”

Deborah S.

“Larry has a wonderful sense of touch and excellent deep-pressure techniques. . . Very confident, rhythmic hands.”

April E.

“Larry makes you feel relaxed the moment you walk into the room. As he talks to you and prepares for your massage, you can tell he really has an interest in not only what’s going on with your body, but in who you are. You find yourself feeling comfortably assured that you will be receiving a wonderful therapeutic experience.”

Harmony G.

“Terrific neck work!”

Jessica D.

“Best foot massage I’ve ever had.”

Chris D.

“Best massage I’ve ever received.”

Carri K., LMP

Who Gets Massage from Larry

Athletes and other active people:

  • baseball players and coaches (Seattle Mariners & UW Huskies)
  • football players (Seattle Seahawks & San Diego Chargers)
  • volleyball players (UW Huskies)
  • professional dancers (touring Broadway shows, Seattle Sea Gals, etc.)
  • roller derby skaters (Rat City Rollergirls)
  • dancers
  • aerialists
  • musicians
  • runners
  • triatheletes
  • skiers
  • snowboarders
  • hikers
  • kayakers
  • soccer players
  • squash players
  • ultimate frisbee players
  • golfers
  • power lifters
  • yoga teachers
  • personal trainers
  • massage therapists
  • physical therapists
  • chiropractors

People in these careers and professions:

  • office/desk workers
  • baristas, servers & bartenders
  • music, art & entertainment
  • executives & managers
  • computer programmers
  • educational consulting
  • publishing
  • marketing
  • film & video production
  • dentists
  • dental hygenists
  • lawyers, paralegals & law students
  • police officers
  • hair dressers
  • construction workers
  • and many others

Employees at these companies & organizations:

  • Boeing
  • Microsoft
  • Nordstrom
  • OnVia
  • Starbucks
  • University of Washington
  • Harborview Medical Center
  • City of Seattle
  • King County
  • Washington State
  • and many others

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