Ikebana by Charles Coghlan
Ikebana by Charles Coghlan

Charles Coghlan of Hana Design Ikebana provides my office with a beautiful ikebana arrangement each month. The May 2014 arrangement features three allium blooms. Allium is best known as the in the cooking world as the genus that encompasses onions, garlics, chives, and leeks.

Shock-Absorbing “Goo” Explains Bone Health

Researchers at Cambridge University have made a fascinating discovery about bones and bone health. They found that the brittle microscopic crystals that form our bones are both bound together and protected from one another by a viscous goo, making bones flexible and resilient. “A large part of bone mineral – possibly as much as half […]

The Relationship Between Your Lungs and Your Hips

Every day since I began learning muscle anatomy and physiology in massage school in 1997, I have studied at least one of my old muscle flash cards each morning, reviewing the origins, insertions, actions, and other characteristics of a randomly selected muscle. Today it was the diaphragm, the big dome-shaped muscle across the top of […]

MDB paint

The Medical Dental Building is trying out some new colors for the building, and they’re using my floor, the 6th, as their testing ground. So please don’t be alarmed if you see random swaths of different colors in the hall on your way to get your massage.

New Website Launched Over Labor Day Weekend

While you guys were out barbecuing, water skiing, going to baseball games, and otherwise enjoying the long holiday weekend, I was immersed in web coding, graphic design, writing, and whatever else needed to happen to get this new version of this website up. I hope you like it :)

keep calm and noodle on

Fremont Noodle House Group member Mike O. created this nice, noodle-worthy take on the “Keep Calm and _____” internet meme.

If you’re an independent, or independent-minded, professional who might like to join some like-minded folks for some camaraderie and a bowl of noodles now and then, please check out my Fremont Noodle House Group page.