Ikebana by Charles Coghlan
Ikebana by Charles Coghlan

Charles Coghlan of Hana Design Ikebana provides my office with a beautiful ikebana arrangement each month. The May 2014 arrangement features three allium blooms. Allium is best known as the in the cooking world as the genus that encompasses onions, garlics, chives, and leeks.

Shock-Absorbing “Goo” Explains Bone Health

Researchers at Cambridge University have made a fascinating discovery about bones and bone health. They found that the brittle microscopic crystals that form our bones are both bound together and protected from one another by a viscous goo, making bones flexible and resilient. “A large part of bone mineral – possibly as much as half […]

MDB paint

The Medical Dental Building is trying out some new colors for the building, and they’re using my floor, the 6th, as their testing ground. So please don’t be alarmed if you see random swaths of different colors in the hall on your way to get your massage.

Strong Evidence for the Biological Basis for Massage Therapy

If your muscles are sore after a workout, should you reach for a pain pill or get a massage? A new scientific study suggest that you should go for the massage. Massage after vigorous exercise reduces pain and speeds muscle recovery, without the counterproductive side effects of drugs like aspirin and naproxen, concludes Dr. Mark […]

New Wellness Massage Rates Effective July 1, 2011

I am raising my rates for wellness massage today. The new rates are: $80 for a one-hour session $120 for a one-and-a-half-hour session My rates have always been on the low end for downtown (and still are) and have held steady for nearly four years. Over the past four years I have: earned numerous 5-star […]

Best Customer Testimonial Ever?

Ode to Larry, Feb 14, 2011 I met Larry in the first year that I moved to Seattle. By the second year, I had made use of his skills as an LMP. It is a decision that has served me well for the last ten years. Larry has been able to offer me healing hands […]

Make Massage a Priority

I had coffee this morning with a friend who is also a massage client. She was very appreciative of the massage she got last week and was kind enough to tell me why she likes my work. She appreciates that, while I provide a serene and relaxing massage, I also educate her about her posture […]