Larry Swanson, LMP

backrub-iStock_000001153239XSmallI have practiced massage professionally since January of 1999. I graduated from the rigorous Brian Utting School of Massage’s 1,000-hour professional licensing program and have subsequently completed more than 750 hours of professional continuing education. I am very experienced and highly trained in a number of different massage styles.

People seek out massage for all kinds of reasons:

My practice focuses on 1) the treatment of orthopedic conditions, especially those due to car accidents, athletic activity, and desk/office work and 2) relaxation and wellness massage. I am certified in orthopedic massage and have extensive training in neuromuscular “trigger point” technique, myofascial release, sports massage, massage ethics and professionalism, and craniosacral work, as well as a strong foundation in Swedish and deep-tissue massage.

I am an “anatomy nerd,” studying muscles and other anatomical structures every day. I also read widely on health care, medical research, and massage research. I sometimes write about my discoveries in my massage blog.