Massage for Desk/Office Workers

woman-typing-laptopIf you sit at a desk all day and/or work on a computer, you are likely to get pain between your shoulder blades, neck pain, headaches, a stiff back, and pain in your hips and back when you stand up from your chair. Being located downtown I work with a large number of office workers, so I am well-versed in these problems and can help you overcome them.

I have developed my well-honed “Office Workers Special” to address the postural adaptations and common orthopedic concerns that come with desk work (and I publish a website that offers self-care tips and other information on office fitness and workplace health).

I also do a lot of orthopedic massage to address more advanced conditions brought on by office work – repetitive strain injuries (RSI), carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS), neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, etc.

If you sit at a desk all day, you deserve a break. So schedule your massage soon.

Call 206-624-6255 or e-mail me to book your massage session. Appointments available Monday through Friday, noon to 6:00 p.m.