Sports Massage

Sports massage can mean a lot of different things. Many people first learn about it when they see rows of massage tables in tents at the end of a marathon or other event – that’s called event sports massage.

Sports massage also encompasses preventative and treatment work performed on athletes during the long non-performing stretches of their athletic lives between races, games, matches, and other events. This is what I do. I don’t do on-site sports massage at athletic events. Instead, I work on athletes in my office, helping them with:

  • performance improvement
  • injury treatment
  • injury rehabilitation
  • injury prevention
  • health maintenance

“BTW best massage ever on Friday by @LarrySwanson, got me ready to pitch!”
David A. (@TheDA53 on Twitter, 4/23/11)
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Over the past decade, I have worked with many different kinds of athletes:

  • baseball players (pitchers) and coaches (Seattle Mariners & UW Huskies)
  • golf trainers (PGA)
  • pro snowboarders
  • strength & conditioning coaches (UW Huskies, pro golfers, etc.)
  • volleyball players (UW Huskies)
  • professional dancers (touring Broadway shows, Seattle Sea Gals, etc.)
  • roller derby skaters (Rat City Rollergirls)
  • dancers
  • aerialists
  • runners
  • triathletes
  • skiers
  • snowboarders
  • hikers
  • kayakers
  • soccer players
  • squash players
  • ultimate frisbee players
  • golfers
  • power lifters
  • yoga teachers
  • personal trainers

I have studied sports massage with Leif Grunseth, Pat Archer, James Waslaski, and several other teachers.

Pat Archer’s Therapeutic Massage in Athletics is the best book I’ve seen on sports massage.

Call 206-624-6255 or e-mail me to book a sports massage session. Appointments available Monday through Friday, noon to 6:00 p.m.