Office Fitness Talks by Larry Swanson

Larry Swanson at Ignite SeattleIf you need an engaging motivational speaker for your professional association meeting, workplace wellness lecture series, or similar event, consider booking me for an Office Fitness Talk. All talks are backed by thorough scientific research and are delivered with passion and enthusiasm.


For a glimpse of my presentation style, watch this five-minute Ignite Seattle talk on standing desks for a capacity crowd (about 800 people, all of whom stood for the talk) at Town Hall Seattle. Or watch my presentation on “How (and Why) to Change Your Sitting Habit” at a lifehacking conference.

Helping Office Workers Become More Fit

By now, you’ve read the stories about the research on how deadly sitting is. The scariest finding: Sedentary work days take years off of your life, regardless of how fit you are or how much you exercise after work.

Office workers need to become routinely active at work, not just sporadic exercisers after work. They can also benefit from:

  1. exercise regimens designed to counteract the hazards of a sitting job
  2. ergonomics self-assessment information and tools, and
  3. posture-improving practices

These three areas – exercise, ergonomics, and posture – are the pillars of office fitness.

“Office Fitness Talks” help organizations and individuals incorporate these pillars of fitness, as well as other self-care measures, into their office-work routines. Each talk includes:

  • scientific rationale and other relevant and interesting background information
  • practical instruction on how to implement the practices and develop better workday habits
  • guided hands-on practice

Talk attendees leave with new fitness practices that they can start using right away (and with follow-on materials that they can refer back to). All talks are backed by extensive research and emphasize do-it-yourself and other low-budget implementations.

Talk Topics

  • “Overview of Office Fitness”
  • “How Sitting Kills: A Scientific Look at the Risks of Sedentary Behavior”
  • “Fit AT Work: Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk/in Your Office”
  • “Fit FOR Work: Exercises to Counteract Office Work Patterns”
  • “Ergonomics Self-Assessment for Desk Workers”
  • “Cultivating Good Posture with Body Awareness and Exercise”
  • “Self-Care for Office Workers” (one or more of these topics: nutrition, stress management, sleep hygiene, self-massage, etc.)
  • “Your Office Fitness Support Team: When and How to Seek Professional Help”

Talks can be delivered as a 20- to 30-minute brown-bag-lunch talk, as a more formal 40- to 50-minute keynote presentation, or in a 2- to 6-hour workshop format. Multi-session series of talks, which can be customized to address your organization’s unique needs, are also available.

To book a talk or to learn more, contact me at larry (at) larryswanson (dot) com or fill out my speaker request form.

About Larry Swanson

Larry Swanson is the Founder of Well9to5, an enterprise committed to helping office workers cultivate true personal wellness at work, and the author of Scared Sitless: The Office Fitness Book. He is also a certified personal trainer, licensed massage therapist, and long-time speaker and presenter. A 12-year career in book publishing wrecked his low back, which led to years of medical research and self-care, culminating in enrollment in massage school. Over a 14-year massage career in downtown Seattle, he has helped hundreds of office workers cope with the vagaries of desk work. Larry’s interest in office fitness originally arose from the pain patterns, posture issues, and ergonomic challenges he observed in those clients. When he discovered how deadly sedentary behavior is, he also became certified as a personal trainer to learn more about exercise and how to motivate people to move more. Larry has presented to thousands of people over the past 25 years, from small break-out sessions to large auditorium talks, from classroom trainings to conference education sessions.


“Larry delivered a passionate, informative talk at Ignite Seattle 18 in November 2012 that inspired the crowd to think harder about how they work – and how it affects their health.”
Monica Guzman
Seattle Times and GeekWire Columnist, Ignite Seattle Emcee

“Our indexing chapter brought in Larry to speak about office fitness. It’s obvious that he puts much passion and study into what he does as a massage therapist, and for overall wellness. He’s very knowledgeable on the subject matter pertaining to folks who work at desks and in front of computers for a living, and brings a deep background and facility to sessions so such workers can avoid injury and stay healthy. As a technical writer concerned with such matters, I highly recommend Larry.”
Paul Sweum
Vice President, Pacific Northwest chapter of the American Society for Indexing

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