Personal Interests

  • Entrepreneurship
    I have owned and operated my own massage business for almost 15 years. Part of what gave me the courage to strike out on my own was my experience working as a senior manager in three internet start-ups during the original dot-com boom (one of which,, provided information to entrepreneurs about how to do business online). I maintain my interest in and connections with the entrepreneurial world, regularly participating in events like Startup Weekend and Hacker News meetups. I’m also a member of Seattle’s social entrepreneurship co-working space, HUB Seattle.
  • Internet Marketing and Online Publishing
    I used to do a bunch of internet stuff: developing online publications, building content management systems, and helping entrepreneurs and independent professionals promote themselves online. I now focus on online publishing ventures related to my bodywork and office fitness interests.
  • World Music and Dance
    I love world music, and I study and play West African, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban and other percussion-heavy music.
  • Fremont Noodle House Group
    Since 1998, I have convened an informal monthly gathering of independent business and creative professionals.
  • Book Publishing
    My first career was in college textbook publishing. I miss hanging out with academics and regularly visiting college campuses, but life outside the Ivory Tower is good, too.

I also occasionally blog on this site about my personal interests.

Some of My Favorite Websites