Fremont Noodle House Group

noodlesIn February of 1998, I assembled a group of independent professionals and other independent-minded folks who met in Seattle once a month or so to share a meal and some camaraderie.

I stopped organizing regular gatherings in February of 2013 (15 years seemed like a pretty good run), but rogue noodlers still meet online and in Fremont, Philadelphia, and the Bay Area.

The Fremont Noodle House Group is an eclectic and lively collection of massage therapists, architects, artists, graphic designers, musicians, playwrights, publishers, editors, writers, film and video producers, public speakers, drum and dance teachers, graduate students, world travelers, entrepreneurs, career counselors, financial planners, consultants, and other interesting folks.

We met with no set agenda, just a common interest in occasionally sharing a meal with fellow independent-minded professionals.


Jai Thai FremontWe used to meet at Jai Thai (in Fremont, just up the street from our original location). Until mid-2001, we met at the Fremont Noodle House, hence our name. Unfortunately, like so many other Fremont institutions, the original Noodle House met the wrecking ball.

Noodle News

I was quoted in a story in the Aug. 8, 2003 Seattle Times, “ friend or foe?”. I had written to Boo Davis about her original story on Friendster and on how tough it is to make friends in Seattle and she included some of my correspondence in this story. My favorite passage in the story: “Inspired by Larry’s call to action [i.e., noodles], I’m planning to bring Friendster to life with a ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ party. Instead of worrying about my ghetto condo being too small, and my entertaining skills being less than Martha-quality, I’m just going to take a social leap, and see who I find.”


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