Figuratively, I’ve always got at least three balls in the air. Right now, for example, I’m airing three podcasts, co-organizing a number of professional community groups, and maintaining a content architecture consultancy.

Literally, I’ve been juggling for a couple of decades. I used to have a pretty cool three-ball routine and could even do a four-ball Mills Mess, but lately I’ve devolved to an occassional club passer and five-ball dabbler.

photo of baby Larry jugglingActually, my interest in juggling goes back quite a ways. The photo shows me at the age of five months, manipulating three balls (yes, this a real, un-retouched photo). Juggling cognoscenti will immediately recognize the Moschen-esque concentration and grace which to this day suffuse my three-ball routine.

Several years ago, I published George Gillson’s book, Beyond the Cascade: Step-by-Step Guides to 88 Classic Three-Ball Juggling Tricks. I released the rights to the book back to George a while ago, and he published a new edition of it with Brian Dube.

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