Looking Out for Yourself:
Creating Security in an Insecure World
(this will end up being the "About This Site" page)

Welcome to Looking Out for Yourself -- the heart of the World Wide Web's self-reliance community. This is your place to congregate with like-minded people and find information that will help you create more security in your life.

We have built this site around some of our ideas about how to look out for yourself, which we call the contents. Our goal in writing this material is to give you the current conventional wisdom on a range of self-help topics, and to establish a context for the news items, discussion threads, resources, and tools in the site.

You probably don't have time to keep up with the torrent of self-help information that the media cranks out every day, so we read and digest the news for you.

The hub of any community is a lively discussion forum. Feel free to listen in on the ongoing dialogue. Better yet, become a member of "Looking Out for Yourself" and join the conversation.

Our resources listings direct you to the best web sites, books, magazines, and other information resources on the topics we cover. Anyone can browse the resource listings, but you have to join to rate resources or submit new ones.

Any job is easier when you have the right tools, so we have created a variety of gadgets and gizmos to help you accomplish specific tasks.

We mean it when we say that this is your site. If you have ideas about how we can serve you better, tell us.


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